Experts in:
  • Onsite steelfixing for major  Commercial, Civil and Marine projects throughout Australia.
  • Pre-fabrication of reo cages in our offsite factories.
  • Consultation with reo design to achieve buildability.
  • Highly skilled team with extensive experience to work closely with Project Management teams, ensuring quality is maintained and all specifications and budgets are met.
  • Major focus on cost savings for our clients through management of logistics on and offsite.


Leading the way:
  • Options to utilise any of our Gam 1500 or Schnell Pile Cage.
  • Specialised jigs for on and offsite fabrication.
  • All steel reinforcement requirements can be met through either tonnage or labour rates.
  • Fully co-compliant on all Government projects with an outstanding track record on all of our completed works.
  • Our company can supply fully certified welders that are all tested and updated with the latest Australian Standards.
  • 75 & 70 Tonne Rough terrain Cranes can be supplied with crane crew, able to provide resources Australia wide.

Health & Safety

Including commitment and accountabilities as below:
  • Senior management are visibly involved and committed.
  • Organisational structures and accountabilities for health and safety are in place.
  • There are clearly assigned work health and safety responsibilities at various management levels.
  • Robust worker consultative arrangements are an essential element.
  • Consultation occurs with affected workers on work health and safety matters.
  • Health and safety aspects are considered in the design of work and throughout the product and service lifecycle.
  • A program of workplace inspections is in place.
  • Incidents are investigated and reported.
  • Identification and monitoring of hazards and emerging risks are in place.
  • First aid arrangements and health monitoring appropriate to the health risks at the workplace.
  • Risk Management - key things to consider when managing work health and safety risks.
  • A continuing mechanism for work health and safety management system monitoring and evaluation.
  • Safety performance criteria are identified and monitored, and data is collected and analysed


Coastal have a core team of on and offsite leadership, that are experienced in all areas of steelfixing & prefab.

Our project work force is carefully selected from a large data base of steelfixers who we have engaged on our other projects over 25 years. Our teams can be ramped up and down quickly to suit any project based on skill set and project suitability. We are constantly skilling our team up and have Steelfixers with crane, dogmen, forklift and first aid tickets.

Coastal’s on and off-site steelfixing teams are backed up by our General Manager- Mark Cummings, Operations Manager- David Kingston and Company Director- Mark (Jake) Jacobsen.

Prefab Facilities QLD & VIC

Coastal have prefab facilities in Narangba, QLD & Sunshine Nth ,VIC.


  • 8000sqm site
  • 3 x factories
  • 10t & 6.3t over head cranes
  • 2 separate admin office blocks
  • Large power supply
  • Forklifts
  • 4 MEP & Schnell pile cage machines
  • MEP Practica jig machine
  • All welding equipment
  • Easy access to M1


  • 1 x 75t Sany RT crane 2018
  • 1 x65t Grove RT crane 2015

Coastal’s prefab facility can be used as a project specific prefab hub with ample offices to cater for site engineers, reo schedulers etc. This becomes a one stop shop for the site prefab to onsite steelfixing.

For quick expansion requirements we have local agents that keep us up to date with all hardstand opportunities within our area. This enables us to prefab core components in our facility and store finished cages, walls, columns, beams etc offsite ready for when they are required onsite.


Based on our experience with over 30 years in the construction industry we have evolved into a more hybrid way of approaching any project, what can be pre-fabed offsite and what can be installed onsite. What are the advantages and disadvantages, does it suit the site requirements, form worker, cranage etc.

Utilising our admin offices, we would set up a project team that would look after prefab, reo supply, shop drawings, logistics, QA, onsite coordinating, sequencing and programming. This team would be made up of highly experienced reo schedulers, reo supplier logistics manager, site engineers and Coastal personnel.

With this team being at our premises in one location makes everyone accountable to deliver.

Depending on the reo design, we would take the approach of pre-fabing as much as possible offsite. This would include slab components, shear tie sets, beams, lig slices, wall starter sets, walls either partial or complete, columns etc.

With our team of steelfixers onsite we can plan by the hour of what and when a component is required. This will then minimise lost time onsite waiting for components or double handling components that have been delivered but not required. Prefab components can be pre-fabed and delivered as needed and not stored for months because of poor planning.

With a complete team approach, we can provide guidance and support to overcome anything that arises always ensuring the best possible outcome. Weekly planning and programming meetings are an essential tool to the project’s success and with the direct access of all stake holders within the team, any design & buildability issues can be addressed on the spot.

Preferred Suppliers

  • ARC Brisbane - have the proven track record in partnering up with large scale prefab and onsite reo supply packages. ARC have an experienced team of schedulers with a good understanding of the requirements of prefab and onsite interaction.
  • Infrabuild are our next choice for reliability.
  • We work in with all form workers and concreters, we have no preference or partners.

Industrial Relations Management

  • Our goal is to have open and transparent processes in all aspects of our dealings with employees, suppliers and subcontractors, encompassing all issues pertaining to industrial relations. Effective client, people and project management is based on open, honest relationships and realistic negotiations that are beneficial to both parties.
  • Building Code 2016 Compliant
  • Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
  • Compliance with state and federal industrial relations legislative instruments.
  • Employment practices that ensure equal opportunity and shall not be discriminatory.
  • Dispute Resolution and Grievance Procedure



Annual Turnover:                7-12 million

Number of employees:      40-80

Insurances:                          Covered up to 20 million

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