Iluka & Queens Wharf Projects – Gold Coast VIC

Iluka & Queens Wharf Projects – Gold Coast VIC

  • 3,000t D-wall cages
  • Designated 6000sqm prefab facility
  • Individual cage weights or up to 26t
  • Cages up to 60m long
  • Tension cages- vertical bars spliced with lenton type precision couplers
  • Block outs and couplers installed prior to delivery
  • A team of 22 welders and steelfixers
  • All welding and Lifting design supplied

Detail of works

Early involvement (3mths before onsite works) with weekly catchup meetings between designers, client, ARC schedulers and Coastal helped deliver another successful project.

With early involvement, design issues were modified to suit buildability, splicing, cage weights, cranage and logistics.

Preloading of cages after hours to meet transport curfews to ensure our clients had their cages onsite when required.