Westgate Tunnel Project Vic

Westgate Tunnel Project Vic.

  • Northern Portal – North Wall secant pile cages.
  • Supply reo and transport for cages
  • Transport pile cages to Melbourne to meet the project requirements.
  • Develop new lifting and welding design to enable 4 bundled bar splices


Detail of works

Coastal were approached to supply prefab pile cages to the West gate tunnel project for Bauer/Wagstaff piling as local suppliers were having issues with the cages.

By closely working with our reo suppliers, schedulers and our preferred welding/lifting designer we came up with a totally new lifting design for pile cages. With this design, cages with 4 Bundled bars could be spliced and still be certified for lifting.


Westgate Tunnel Project (Precast)Vic.

  • Prefab 1000+ TBM cages
  • Design and build radial type jigs for TBM cages
  • Change design for buildability
  • 19 employees at peak production.
  • Coordinate and Transport cages to Benella Pre-cast
  • Design and certify specialised lifting beams for loading trucks.